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NOTE:- Anwers Will Be Sent Direct To Your Phone After You Subscribe.
Direct Mobile Subscription (those that want the answers on their phone as sms)
SUBJECTS (Direct Mobile)
- English = N1000(MTN CARD) 
- Maths = N1000(MTN CARD) 
- Biology = N700(MTN CARD) 
- physics = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Chemistry = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Literature1 = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Literature2 = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Economics = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Commerce = N700(MTN CARD) 
- Accounting = N700(MTN CARD) 
-Office Practice=N800(MTNCARD) 
-Biology Practical= N600(MTN CARD) 
-Chemistry Practical= N600(MTN CARD) 
-Physics Practical= N600(MTN CARD) 
-ICT Practical= N600(MTN CARD) 
Online Answers/Link Subscription For Those That Needs Password For Our Link/Answer Page

Password/Link Subscription ?For those that needs password for our link/Answer page?Internet LINK [A page With answers Will be sent to you]
You Must be connected to internet on your phone
– English = N500(MTN CARD)
– Maths = N500(MTN CARD)?– Biology = N400(MTN CARD)
– physics = N400(MTN CARD)
– Chemistry = N400(MTN CARD)
– Geography1 = N400(MTN CARD)
– Geography2 = N400(MTN CARD)
– Crs = N400(MTN CARD)
– Literature1 = N400(MTN CARD)
– Literature2 = N400(MTN CARD)
– Government N400(MTN CARD)
– Further Maths = N500(MTN CARD)
– Geography = N400(MTN CARD)
– Economics = N400(MTN CARD)
– Commerce = N400(MTN CARD)
– Accounting = N400(MTN CARD)
– Agric-Science= N400(MTN CARD)
-Office Practice=N400(MTNCARD)
-Marketing=N400(M|TN CARD)
-Insurance=N400(MTN CARD)
Civic Education=N400(MTN CARD)
Practicals?-Agric = N400(MTN CARD)
-Biology = N400(MTN CARD)
-Chemistry= N400(MTN CARD)
-Physics= N400(MTN CARD)

WhatsApp Answer. You will receive the answer on your WhatsApp inbox
- English = N600(MTN CARD) 
- Maths = N600(MTN CARD) 
- Biology = N500(MTN CARD) 
- physics = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Chemistry = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Literature1 = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Literature2 = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Economics = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Commerce = N500(MTN CARD) 
- Accounting = N500(MTN CARD) 
-Office Practice=N500(MTNCARD) 
-Biology Practical= N500(MTN CARD) 
-Chemistry Practical= N500(MTN CARD) 
-Physics Practical= N500(MTN CARD) 
-ICT Practical= N500(MTN CARD) 

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Subscription closes 1 hour before each paper, make sure you include your subject(s) while Subscribing.

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